Ponderings of a Pluviophile

"Oh my God!" He murmured, "I think I am liking it more than I should!"

He turned away from the window and looked back at her. a sense of guilt trying to claw his insides but his manic glee winning every time. He stared.

He tip-toed towards the bed, careful not to wake her. Her ears merely twitched as he carefully sat down beside her. She looked peaceful, her amber eyes hidden from view as she slept on.

He gently touched the side of her cheek, resisted the urge to land a kiss on that old scar. “Ah!” he let out a big sigh, “mistakes and memories”.

His fingers lingered over the scar for a minutes before trailing down her neck, soft white fur parting as he did so. She purred contently in sleep as he thought of when she was just a pup taken in by his sister.

Soon afterwards she became closer to him than to his sister. She was part of every sketch he ever made, every story he ever told. Fi and Jim, were inseparable.

Not that they didn’t meet a few hurdles along the way. She was temperamental and him too stubborn. He thought of the time with the bear and chuckled softly at the memory of their stupidity.

"Who’s there!" Suddenly the lights were on as Janine came into the room. Fi seemed perplexed, all awake and staring at the window. Jim Moriarty had just enough time before the lights were on to get out on the balcony; no one must know he’s alive.

He climbed the fire escape quickly, and into the street where strong hands grasped his biceps and pulled him into an embrace. ”Thank Lord”, Sebastian Murmured into Jim’s temple. Sherlock Holmes almost took away his world once, it Won’t happen a second time.

Let your feels pour out (*^*) 

Let your feels pour out (*^*)